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​HotSpots presented internationally interesting knowhow from Seinäjoki Region

Uutinen   •   Kesä 06, 2018 06:31 EEST

Seinäjoki launched the HotSpot-concept in the beginning of this year. The HotSpots aimed at making companies from Seinäjoki region more familiar to Embassies and Business Finland operators around the world.

The HotSpots were live-streamed four times and the topics were Food Business, Building Solutions, Lifestyle & Design and Healthy Kids of Seinäjoki - Solutions to Global Obesity Problem. Now all the HotSpots are available in the web together with the digital presentation materials.

- Into Seinäjoki wishes that the material helps Ambassadors and other business developers around the world to acknowledge the knowhow of companies in the Seinäjoki region even better and this way to help companies to open up doors to new target markets, tells project manager Pauliina Hautamäki from Into Seinäjoki.

HotSpots were watched worldwide

So far the HotSpots were watched, a few to mention, from Austria, Denmark, Namibia, China, Spain, Japan and Saudi-Arabia and Southern African countries. Together, the material presents over 70 internationally oriented companies from Seinäjoki region.

-We found HotSpot concept very useful and learned new facts about Seinäjoki region companies. The video connection for us in Namibia didn't work so well, but the digital material is easy to use also in the future, tells Johanna Unha-Kaprali from Finnish Embassy in Namibia.

-It is important for Linseed that also the public sector markets small and medium size food business companies in different channels abroad for increased awareness. We also see that the role of Embassies and Business Finland actors is crucial when opening sales channels in new target markets. We are interested in commercial collaboration, tells Annemari Hahto from Linseed.

The materials are free to download, share and use for promoting companies’ internationalisation. Company slides are updated continuosly so add the link to your favorites and check it regularly!

Link to videos:

Welcome to the Capital of Entrepreneurship

We warmly invite you to visit Seinäjoki and get familiar with our city development and companies’ knowhow. 

-We will pre-organize and take responsibility of the program and business meetings upon your arrival to Seinäjoki, tells Key Account Manager Elisabet Kivimäki. The visit is possible to arrange for example while ambassadors' stay in Finland in August. 

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